Miniature Queen of Hearts Crown


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It may not be the largest crown, but it is no less magnificent than those worn by other nobles and monarchs. This Miniature Queen of Hearts Crown is quite cute. With its shaped design, it is an eye-catcher that few will fail to notice. The crown is crafted from quality copper and comes plated in either silver or gold finish, giving it a precious-metal gleam that is quite appealing. Elegant swirls and twists enhance its appeal, while engraved heart shapes give the crown its name. Situated top a head, this Miniature Queen of Hearts Crown will transform the wearer into a true royal, and that makes it the perfect accessory for events at the noble courts.

Key Features:

  • An impressively designed mini crown
  • Crafted in quality copper and plated in gold or silver finish
  • Features tall spired points
  • Accented with delicate heart shapes
  • Great for Renaissance fairs, weddings, dances, formal occasions and more

Circumference Diameter Height
One Size 9 inches 3 inches 2.5 inches


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