Miniature Gold Spanish Tizona Cup-Hilt Rapier by Marto


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The Miniature Gold Spanish Tizona Cup-Hilt Rapier by Marto is a scaled-down reproduction replica of the very well-known sword from the 16th century, valued and used through-out all of Europe during the advent of the rapier and the thrusting sword. The Spanish style rapier sword stands out due to its half cup shape hilt that could be finished in different ways (open work, engraved, etched, et cetera) as well as to its graceful and light blade, which would be carefully tempered. This miniature features the same worked cup-hilt and the same knuckle-guard, as well as the same narrow, thrusting blade. Celebrated and preserved in museums all over the world, the Miniature Gold Spanish Tizona Cup-Hilt Rapier, by Marto, is a replica that reminds us of the popularity and the power of this swords design.

Key Features:

  • Gold Finished Hilt
  • A Miniature of a Classic Spanish Sword


  • Overall Length: 6 Inches


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