Miniature Gold King Charles III Rapier by Marto


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The Miniature Gold King Charles III Rapier Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain is a to-scale replica of a guard sword that belonged to King Charles III. Charles the Third was a man of great dynamic spirit who promoted cultural and economic growth. Not only was he was a promoter of important architectural work, but King Charles III also contributed with soldiers and weapons to the independence of the United States of America. Paying tribute to this dynamic and great Spanish king is this Miniature Gold King Charles III Rapier. This sword has a rapiers narrow, thrusting blade and a cast metal hilt featuring a shell and knuckle guard, as is typical of the 17th – 18th century rapiers. The pommel is chalice shaped while the surface of the hilt is ornamented with many different designs. All in all, it is a noble blade for a well-known king.

Key Features:

  • Gold Finished Hilt
  • A Mini Replica of a Historical Sword


  • Overall Length: 6 Inches


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