Miniature Bronze American Liberty Sword by Marto

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From the pommel of the Miniature Bronze American Liberty Sword, by Marto, to the tip of the blade, this exclusive item depicts, via symbols, the indomitable spirit, love of freedom, liberty, and justice of the American people. The pommel of this miniature is a globe held aloft by an eagle with wings spread. The hand-grip depicts the American flag with the stars and stripes. The quillons of the guard are fashioned with two American eagles joined together by a ribbon with the words E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One) inscribed. The center piece of the guard features a medallion showing the Scales of Justice. For those looking for a reminder of all the values that Americans hold dear, then the Miniature Bronze American Liberty Sword, by Marto, is just the space-efficient item to fill that void.

Key Features:

  • Bronze Finished Hilt
  • A Patriotic Sword and Collectible


  • Overall Length: 6 Inches


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