Miniature 3 Sword Display Stand by Marto


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The Miniature 3 Sword Display Stand, by Marto, is perfectly designed to display up to three miniature swords without difficulty or trouble. Simple in design, this silver-colored table-top display will give your miniatures the home they deserve. Consisting of a single ring, which makes up the base, along with several bands, through which the miniature sword-blades can be fitted so that they rest upright, hilt up, this stand is small, unobtrusive, and more importantly, it makes up to three miniature swords look really good.

Please be aware that this stand was designed for use with miniature Marto swords only (MA-).

Key Features:

  • Holds three mini swords, not included
  • Great for Displaying miniature swords
  • Wonderful decor piece


  • Diameter: 4.3 Inches
  • Height (Rise on Base): 1.6 Inches


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