Metalstein Monster Mask

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With some ingenuity, even Frankenstein can become a zombie! Truly monstrous, this Metalstein Monster Mask merges a few different genres of monster together to create a terrifying amalgam that is sure to be the stuff of countless nightmares! From Frankenstein, we take the square head and a bit of metal plating. From the zombie, we take a bit of gore and blood, with a deathly pallor and look. Combined, this mask is a mash-up of flesh, blood, and metal. It is made from high-quality latex and shows off an incredible level of detail. Pulled over your face, even you can become a truly terrifying monster, thanks to this Metalstein Monster Mask!

Key Features:

  • Gruesome mask mixes zombie with Frankenstein
  • Depicts a fleshy Frankenstein with metal accents and gory detail
  • Overhead design covers the entire head and neck
  • Hidden eye-slits provide good vision
  • Great accessory to an unforgettable monster costume


  • Made from high-quality latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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