Mercenary LARP Helmet

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A soldier by trade, you cannot wait for your training to pay off on the battlefield. The Mercenary LARP Helmet is perfect for all kinds of knights, soldiers, and other medieval warriors. It also works well for hired soldiers and guards.

Made of polyurethane, this medieval helmet is made for costuming use and much easier to wear than steel. It has the advantage when it comes to long days needing the look of armour but not the protection.

The round medieval helmet has a short central ridge. It resembles a visorless sallet helmet, curving down to cover the ears and neck. This bottom edge flares out just slightly in the back. The open face provides maximum visibility, adding to how easy it is to wear!

Made to look just like steel with a durable acrylic finish, it has a metallic shine. Faux rivets and even a rolled edge help add to its realistic style. The historical helmet works perfectly for cosplay, theater productions, movie sets, and more.

Easier than Steel:

Lightweight and thin, the LARP helmet can be worn for much longer than steel. It is great for when the occasion calls for the appearance of a medieval soldier or knight. Low maintenance as well, it will not rust and does not require oiling. An adjustable leather chin strap helps ensure a secure fit. While this helmet is lightweight and easy to wear, you can add extra detail to an armoured look by wearing one of our arming caps underneath. It also pairs well with our Mercenary Greaves (MCI-3863).

If you have been seeking an easy way to elevate your knight costume or medieval fantasy cosplay, this is it. The Mercenary LARP helmet has everything you are looking for in its appearance, simply made easy to wear through its polyurethane construction.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • Hand painted for a realistic steel appearance
  • Secures with adjustable leather chin strap
  • Great for knights, soldiers, guards, and other medieval warriors
  • Perfect for cosplay, LARP, and other costuming occasions


  • Made from polyurethane with a leather chin strap

Care Instructions:

  • Use leather-care products for the fittings.
Inner CircumferenceOverall HeightDepthWidthWeight
One Size23.6 inches9.1 inches9.1 inches7.5 inches0.9 pounds


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