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The Japanese shadow warriors, also known as a ninja or shinobi, are practically a modern-day legend. Tales of their feats permeate modern-day culture, elevating the ninja to near-mythic heights. And with this Mens Ninja Costume, you can join their ranks. There is no saying what a ninja actually wore in history, although this costume depicts what is commonly held to be the typical ninja attire. The costume consists of a robe-like black shirt with matching black pants. The costume features arm ties to secure the shirts sleeves, as well as leg ties to keep the pant legs secured. A black belt helps to keep the pants secure and the shirt fitted to the waist. And of course, because a ninja must be shrouded in secrecy, the costume includes a hood and a mask to hide your identity. Please note that the costume does not include ninja shoes, socks, or prop nunchucks. The costume comes in one standard size, which fits up to a 42 inch chest. Wearing the costume may not confer instant mastery of the ancient arts of ninjutsu, but this Mens Ninja Costume does help one feel more like a ninja, making it a fantastic choice for any ninja enthusiasts who might want to attain the look of the classic shadow warrior.

Key Features:

  • A Quality Halloween Costume
  • Includes Shirt, Pants, Belt, Arm Ties, Leg Ties, Hood, and Face Mask
  • Add Your Choice of Weapons and Footwear for a Comfortable Look All Your Own
  • A Great Way to Give Any Man the Typical Appearance of a Japanese Ninja
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Conventions, Stage Productions, Costume Events, and More


  • Made from 100 percent Polyester Fabric

Chest Circumference
Standard Up to 42 inches


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