Men’s Fleur de Lis Crown

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The fleur de lis is often associated with royalty, and the crown itself is an iconic symbol of power for any monarch. The Mens Fleur de Lis Crown combines the concepts into a crown that would look great on any monarchs brow. This impressive crown features, at first glance, a simple appearance, but a closer inspection reveals its impressive style and form. The headband features ornate detailing and intricate knotwork designs around its length, while supporting evenly spaced faux pearls that add a touch of color to the crowns metallic appearance. Spaced between these faux pearls are classic fleur de lis designs, which rise off the headband of the crown, adding height and bearing to this crowns appearance. This crown is only available in a striking gold color, and it measures approximately 2.625 inches tall. The Mens Fleur de Lis Crown will definitely make a king look more regal.

Key Features:

  • A Regal and Royal Looking Crown
  • Impressively Decorated Appearance
  • Available in gold coloration
  • Great for Renaissance Fairs, Weddings, Dances, and Formal Occasions


  • Height: 2.625 Inches
  • Circumference: 26 Inches max, adjustable


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