Men’s Black Pirate Vest


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A fantastic way to reinvent old pirate costumes is to wear them again, after you make an addition to the costume, of course! And this Mens Black Pirate Vest is a fantastic garment to add to any pirate costume to give it a whole new look and style. This vest is made from black polyester fabric and features a very simple yet attractive cut with tapered shoulders. The vest also features decorative yellow-gold colored braid trim along the neck and center of the vest, as well as along the hems and sides. The front of the vest laces up using string and grommet lacers, allowing the vest to be loosely or tightly secured closed according to the wearers preference. The vest is available in one standard size, which fits up to a 42 inch chest. Please note that this item only includes the black vest, and that the shirt, pants, sash, boots, and hat pictured above are not included. If you are reviving an old pirate ensemble, then there is no better way to give it a fresh new look than to include this Mens Black Pirate Vest. And even if you are putting together a completely new pirate outfit, you will find that this vest works wonderfully with a wide assortment of different looks and styles.

Key Features:

  • An Attractive Pirate Styled Garment
  • Decorated with Braided Yellow-Gold Trim
  • Features Grommet Lacers in the Vests Front
  • Can Be Worn Open or Closed
  • A Great Garment to Include in Virtually Any Pirate, Swashbuckler, or Sailor Styled Costume
  • Looks Fantastic at Pirate Gatherings, Costume Parties, Themed Events, Halloween, and More


  • Made from 100 percent Polyester Fabric


  • Standard: Fits Up to a 42 Inch Chest


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