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Thimbles have been around since the oldest of days, although this Medieval Thimble is not exactly the typical depiction of the thimble. This intriguing item comes in its own clear box, which also includes an interesting informational card. Unlike most typical thimbles, which cover the whole thumb, this ring-styled thimble would have been used for sewing coarser, stronger materials, which required the sewer to use the side of their finger to push the needle through, as opposed to using the finger-tip. This thimble is made from lead-free pewter and has been plated in antique bronze metal to give it an authentic and historic look and feel. Collectors of all things medieval will find that even something as mundane as a thimble can be collectible when it is as unique as this Medieval Thimble.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Lead-Free Pewter
  • Attractively Plated in Antiqued Bronze Metal
  • A Functional and Fun Sewing Accessory
  • A Great Gift or Personal Item
  • Comes with Historical Information


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