Medieval Saxon Nasal Helm with Aventail


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This Medieval Saxon Nasal Helm with Aventail is made from 18 gauge steel and displays an authentic look. Nasal helms are simple in design, but helmets like this one enjoyed great success throughout early medieval Europe for a time. This helmet offers superb protection for the head and some of the face while retaining good visibility for the wearer. There is a strip that runs down the center of the helmet. The helmet has another strip around its bottom edge. At the front, the helm has another plate with a top curved like a pair of eyebrows. The plate also forms a nasal guard in front. It has a central ridge. The nasal guard helps to provide additional protection to the face. Rivets attach the pointed nasal bar to the helm.

A chainmail aventail is attached to the back to provide extra protection for the head and neck. The butted rings of the chainmail run through holes along the back. This helmet makes a great addition to any collection, and it is perfect for reenactments or LARP events. This helm does not include padding.

Key Features:

  • A fine recreation of an early medieval Norman helmet
  • Aventail attached to protect back of the neck
  • Features a nose guard secured with rivets
  • Excellent head protection
  • Great for live action roleplaying
  • Has a 9mm inner ring diameter


  • Made of 18 gauge stainless steel


  • Fits up to a 27 Inch head circumference


  • Aventail Length: 11 Inches


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