Medieval Padded Greaves – Brown

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No knight would be caught without the right arming wear under their armour. The Brown Medieval Padded Greaves make it easier and much more comfortable to wear your favorite steel plate armour greaves. Add this arming wear to any medieval knight costume or reenactment kit.

Sold as a set of two, each greave covers the leg from the shin down to the top of the foot. Wool felt fills the insides underneath the cotton canvas outer material. Then, diamond quilting across the surface of each greave adds structure and durability to the arming wear.

The top of each greave curved, following the silhouette of many medieval steel greaves. Then, the sides of each greave curve slightly inwards to better fit the shape of the calf. Finally, an extra panel at the bottom fits over the ankle and top of the foot.

Finally, these brown padded greaves close with brass tipped cord ties through eyelets at the back of the calf. This helps create an adjustable fit.

Be prepared the next time you armour up. Add the Brown Medieval Padded greaves to your medieval knight outfit and historical armour kits.

Key Features:

  • Stops greaves from sliding around
  • Laces closed with cord ties
  • Curved top edge
  • Additional bottom section to cover ankle
  • Great for roleplaying and reenacting


  • Handmade from cotton canvas, wool felt, and brass

Care Instructions:

  • Hand was cold and lay flat to dry.


  • Overall Length: 18.3 Inches
  • Overall Width: 12.2 Inches
  • Measurements are approximate.


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