Medieval Noble Knight Mens Costume


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The Medieval Noble Knight Mens Costume evokes images of classic knighthood and valiant warriors, garbed in armor and apparel that marks both their allegiance and their status. It is a perfect costume for transforming oneself into an instant knight. The costume consists of hooded black and blue tunic. The tunic is sectioned into four panels in alternating black and blue, with each blue section bearing a yellow heraldic image – the rampant lion. The hood and attached sleeves simulate the appearance of chainmail. The costume is offered in one standard size that fits most men with ease. The costume does not include pants, shoes, or the pictured plastic sword. Recreating the look of a heraldic tabard complete with armor, this Medieval Noble Knight Mens Costume is a solid start towards transforming yourself into a warrior capable of felling enemies, rescuing damsels, defeating dragons, and more.

Key Features:

  • A quality medieval costume
  • Consists of a tunic with simulated mail sleeves and hood
  • Tunic is emblazoned with a gold heraldic beast
  • Pants, shoes, and costume sword are not included
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Exceptional in its overall look
  • Perfect for Halloween, renaissance fairs, costume events, and more


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