Medieval Men-at-Arms Black Gorget


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Visit a realm of medieval knights and fantasy nobles with the Medieval Men-at-Arms Black Gorget. This piece of armor is not just protective gear but a testament to the artistry and valor of the medieval era. Handmade with precision from 18-gauge mild steel, it is designed to stand the test of time and battle, all while ensuring the wearer’s comfort.

The gorget secures snugly around the neck with a durable strap and buckle at the shoulder, making it a versatile fit for warriors of different sizes. Additionally, it features straps at the shoulders for adding pauldrons, enhancing its versatility and appeal for those looking to complete their armored ensemble.

The design of the gorget is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, featuring a striking central ridge that not only enhances its strength but also adds to its formidable appearance. Furthermore, the pointed bottom and rolled edges enhance the striking design of this gorget.

Ideal for LARPing, cosplaying, and theatrical productions, the Medieval Men-at-Arms Black Gorget is a versatile piece that suits a variety of characters, from noble knights to fearsome mercenaries. Whether you are storming the castle gates or making a grand entrance at a themed event, this gorget will ensure you do so in style and safety.

Don’t just dress as a character from the medieval era—embody the spirit and valor of the age with the Medieval Men-at-Arms Black Gorget. Make it a staple of your armor collection and a piece that will leave an indelible mark on your audience.

Key Features:

  • Versatility: Includes straps for the attachment of pauldrons, allowing for a complete armored look.
  • Comfort: Features a comfortable fit with a secure strap and buckle at the shoulder.
  • Design: Has a central ridge for enhanced strength and a formidable appearance, alongside a pointed bottom and rolled edges.
  • Appeal: Ideal for LARPing, cosplay, and theatrical productions, fitting a wide range of medieval and fantasy characters.
  • Experience: Offers an authentic medieval experience, enhancing the wearer’s presence and appeal in any themed or historical setting.


  • Made from 18-gauge mild steel
  • Straps are leather

Care Instructions:

Front LengthBack LengthFront WidthBack Width
One Size11.8 inches9.2 inches12.4 inches12.5 inches


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