Medieval Basket Weave Bracelet


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The traditional way to weave a basket is winding something over and under perpendicular ribs. The Medieval Basket Weave Bracelet does exactly this, with the body of the bracelet making the ribs and four bands making the weave. This handsome medieval bracelet is made from dark brown leather that has had several rectangles cut from it. Four leather belts are woven into the holes in the band, creating a basket style pattern. Three sets of snap buttons on the back of the bracelet allow the wearer to easily adjust the size. Bring a medieval flair to any outfit or fill out your Ren Fair or medieval cosplay with this handsome leather wristband! Give it as a gift to someone who enjoys leather goods or medieval styles and make their day!

Key Features:

  • Features woven leather appearance
  • Snap buttons allow for adjustability
  • A handsome bracelet for casual wear
  • Perfect for any modern outfit or medieval cosplay


  • Made from leather


  • Length: 9 Inches
  • Width: 2 Inches


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