Mayday Undead Pilot Costume

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The first and second world wars brought on a whole new meaning to war fatalities. Brought back to life using high-quality materials, the zombie soldier in the Mayday Undead Pilot Costume seeks to finish his mission once and for all. This ensemble includes a high-quality latex mask and a harnessed jumpsuit styled in the fashion of a WW2 pilot in uniform. The mask is similar to our Mayday Costume Mask (HS-26561), featuring the face of this undead pilot forever frozen in a terrified scream. Excellent for every costumed event, the Mayday Undead Pilot Costume is an outstanding choice for history fans and zombie enthusiasts alike!

Please be aware that the hands and boots are not included.

Key Features:

  • Excellent portrayal of WW2 zombie pilot
  • Includes mask and jumpsuit with harness
  • Ideal for history and zombie enthusiasts
  • Perfect for every costumed occasion


  • Mask is crafted from high-quality latex
  • Jumpsuit is constructed from polyester fabric


  • Overall Weight: 1.3 lb.
  • Length: 59 Inches


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