Marble Poseidon Statue


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According to the Greeks, the earth was divided into three realms – sky, sea, and underworld. The supreme god Poseidon was given domain over the second of these, abandoning Olympus for the ocean. You can honor his marine might with the Marble Poseidon Statue. This resin statue, finished to resemble white marble, depicts the god of the sea in all his glory, a crown of coral atop his head. His fish-like tail breaks the ocean surface, stirring waves, and his trident is held intimidatingly over his head, as if he is poised to attack. The Marble Poseidon Statue makes a fantastic piece of home decor for a beach house or ocean-themed home, especially for those who love Greek mythology.

Key Features:

  • Beautifully crafted in realistic detail
  • Features a gorgeous marble finish
  • Looks great with Greek, undersea, or fantasy themes


  • Made from cold cast resin


  • Height: 11.25 Inches


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