Male Zombie Deluxe Kit


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The undead creature awoke suddenly with a ravenous hunger and stumbled across the cemetery, searching for anything living to eat. If you are a fan of the shambling hordes and horror genres, you will love this Male Zombie Deluxe Kit. This special effects kit includes three latex wound appliances, liquid latex, blood gel, spirit gum, high-quality cream makeup in bruised red, dead guy grey, and undead purple, a makeup sponge, and detailed instructions to achieve your desired look. You will be all set for the next zombie marathon, costume party, or haunted house with this Male Zombie Deluxe Kit.

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Key Features:

  • Kit includes prop wound appliances, liquid latex, and spirit gum
  • Also includes blood gel, makeup, makeup sponge, and instructions
  • Fantastic for Halloween, costume parties, theater, and more
  • Perfect for zombie, revenant, or horror costumes


  • Wound appliances made from high quality latex


  • One size fits most adults


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