Magical Fantasy Art Magnets

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Fairies and elves bring beauty and life to barren lands. Magnets hold precious lists and artwork to barren metal surfaces. Allow the functional beauty of the Magical Fantasy Folk Magnets to bring life to your plain metallic spaces. A gothic fairy weaves a crafty web. A lovely fairy gazes at the beauty of nature. A dragon and wood elf maiden celebrate their friendship. A silhouette of a pixie enjoys a gorgeous scene. Two ice fairies enjoy a splash of cool magic, each on their own terms. Let these stunning magnets, which feature the artwork of artist Anne Stokes, add whimsical fantasy to your decorative space.

Key Features:

  • 6 piece magnet set decorated with artwork from Anne Stokes
  • Crafted from cold cast resin and hand painted in exquisite detail
  • Adds beauty and whimsical fantasy to barren decorative spaces
  • Decorative magnets that combine style and function
  • Perfect gift for a friend, or add them to your own collection


  • Width: 1.25 Inches
  • Height: 0.5 Inches


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