Magic the Gathering Jace Beleren Legacy Figure


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Anyone who enjoys playing Magic the Gathering will surely appreciate the realism included in this character figurine! The Magic the Gathering Jace Beleren Legacy Figure depicts the telepathic, blue-magic planeswalker in detail. Jace wears a long, dark blue cloak with white markings and a hood over an outfit with the same design. His outfit also features several discs with red designs. His hair, face, and body have all been sculpted with care. His face displays distinctive white markings. The action figure possesses joints that allow you to move his limbs and pose him. As a powerful mind mage with skill in clairvoyance and illusions, Jace possesses a high level of intelligence. He is plagued by his conscience over the poor decisions he made when he first began to learn about his powers. With this line of figures, you can now collect Jace Beleren and many other popular characters in the Legacy Collection, such as Nissa Revane (FK-4119)!

Key Features:

  • A licensed Magic the Gathering product
  • Features body articulation for maneuverable limbs
  • Depicts the character, Jace Beleren
  • Makes a fantastic toy, gift, or collectible


  • Height: 6.5 Inches


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