Magic the Gathering Ajani Goldmane POP Figure

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Magic the Gathering players can experience a new way to enjoy their favorite characters with this line of adorable collectibles! The Magic the Gathering Ajani Goldmane POP Figure depicts the albino Nacatl in chibi form. This white-aligned planeswalker features pale fur with gray markings around his face, a gray nose, and a scar over one eye. The leonine character wears golden, green, and brown armor, and he carries a double sided axe. This cute vinyl figure caricatures Ajani, depicting him with a large black eye and an oversized head. The doll makes an excellent toy or collectible for older children and adults. Be sure to check out our other figurines featuring MTG characters like Chandra Nalaar (FK-3849)!

Key Features:

  • A licensed Magic the Gathering product
  • Made from vinyl
  • Depicts Ajani Goldmane from the game
  • Makes a fantastic toy or collectible


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