MACUSA Seal Necklace Pin

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Own a piece of the wizarding world and wear it daily with the MACUSA Seal Necklace Pin. Fans of the Fantastic Beasts series will understand the importance of the mystical object that dangles at the end of this chained pin. While similar in design to the Muggle Seal of the United States President, this emblem possesses symbolic differences. A bird that represents immortality and resurrection, the fiery Phoenix, spreads its wings over the American flag. Only 48 stars form a halo over the birds head, since Alaska and Hawaii were not part of the USA in 1926. This seal decorates the head of the key-shaped pin. The jewelry pin with matching chain possesses an antique brass finish.

Key Features:

  • Licensed Warner Bros product
  • Inspired by the Fantastic Beasts series
  • Features the seal of the MACUSA
  • Includes a chain accent and hinge closure
  • Stylish accessory for fans of the wizarding world


  • Made of zinc alloy


  • Chain Length: 24 Inches


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