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Wizards have long been known for their hats, and this Gandalf hat is quite a remarkable hat, thanks to its traditional style. This LOTR Gandalf Hat recreates the famous wizards hat in impressive detail. The traditional wizards hat is an iconic part of fantasy, and as the quintessential wizard in the Lord of the Rings series, Gandalf has the most traditional wizarding style of them all. Gandalfs hat, in particular, is a classic staple of fantasy, possessing a wide brim and a tall, conical point that stretches up and angles partially back. And fitting with Gandalf the Greys color scheme, this hat also features a pale grey color that pairs perfectly with a number of our great Gandalf costumes, as well as with a variety of other wizarding looks, too. So if you are in the market for a good wizards hat, then perhaps you may wish to consider this LOTR Gandalf Hat, as its fairly classic style makes it a perfect wizarding hat for all occasions, whether you are dressed up as Gandalf the Grey or masquerading as a wizard of your own creation.

Key Features:

  • A Licensed Lord of the Rings Hat
  • Modeled After Gandalf the Greys Wizard Hat
  • Quite Comfortable and Appealing
  • A Great All-Purpose Wizards Hat
  • A Great Costume Accessory for Lord of the Rings Looks
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Costume Parties, and More


  • Made from 100% latex


  • Fits a Head Circumference of 24 Inches.


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