Long Neck Skull Mask

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The Long Neck Skull Mask is one of a few masks that are perfect for portraying a classic skeletal look. Nothing stands out as overtly inhuman about this mask. It is just a picture-perfect example of a human skull set against a darkened background. This mask is made from high-quality latex and is designed to cover the wearers face and head completely when worn. The mask also extends down to cover the neck and the upper chest. It consists of a well-preserved human skull with empty eye-sockets, a toothy grin, and a slightly browned coloration. Vertebra and two clavicle bones form the lower half. A dark, blue-black backing, which acts as the base of the mask, highlights the white bones while making the rest of the covered area fade from sight, especially in low lit areas.

Key Features:

  • A Well-Preserved Skull Mask
  • Impressively Detailed Bone Look
  • Conceals the Face, Neck, and Upper Chest
  • An Excellent Mask for a Variety of Skeletal or Deathly Costumes
  • Fantastic For Halloween, Costume Parties, and Themed Events


  • Made from High-Quality Latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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