Long Length Hooded Blouse

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Everyday attire should be casual in its look and comfortable in its fit. The Long Length Hooded Blouse fits that description down to the letter! Its lovely look makes it a garment for a girl to enjoy on any given day of the week. Casual in its overall look, this blouse features a modest V-shaped neckline, one that is accented by the addition of a hood, which attaches at the neck and collar. This hood adds great appeal to the garment, as well as great utility as well, being perfect for protection and shelter in the hot sun, the blowing wind, or the coming rain. The blouse also features full length bell sleeves, as well as a long, flared, layered hem that is just slightly longer in the back. Made using cotton fabric, the blouse is also very soft and very comfortable to wear, whiles its two color combinations offer the potential for a lot of good match-ups, in terms of casual appeal. It is offered in two different sizes. Casual and subdued, this Long Length Hooded Blouse makes for a lovely piece of everyday apparel, offering not only great comfort but also a fine sense of appeal and style that pairs well with slacks, skirts, and jeans.

Key Features:

  • A Womens Blouse Made from Cotton Fabric
  • Features a Unique, Two-Toned, Layered Design
  • Has Full Length Bell Sleeves, a Long Length Hem, and a Full Hood
  • Extremely Comfortable to Wear
  • A Great Piece of Apparel for Everyday and Semi-Formal Wear


  • Small/Medium: Fits a Womens Size 8-10
  • Large/X-Large: Fits a Womens Size 12-14


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