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Cool weather will not stop you or your good style when you have the Long Bell Sleeved Dress at your disposal. You can have great style in this casual dress that is comfortable and great looking, while still staving off the cold, too. Of course, you do not have to wait for cool weather to come around for you to enjoy this dress. Made from fine viscose fabric, the dress is made to be light and comfortable as well as beautiful looking, so you can also wear it in warmer weather with success as well. The dress features a tie around the midriff to draw the waist in a bit, to create a more flattering figure, while the full length sleeves are accented with wide, bell shaped cuffs to add more flow, elegance, and movement to the garment. Several slits in the skirt to allow for a wider range of movement. The full length skirt is designed to fall just above the ankles. Please note that based on wearer height and sizing, length can vary a bit. The dress is offered in one standard size, although it does come in a variety of different colors to suit a variety of different tastes! It is a pretty gown, one that you will not regret adding to your wardrobe, especially not once you realize how this Long Bell Sleeved Dress can be worn with casual ease on any given day of the week!

Key Features:

  • A Dress Made from Fine Viscose Fabric
  • A Classy and Lovely Looking Contemporary Dress
  • Adorned with Bell Sleeves and a Drawn in Waist
  • Extremely Comfortable to Wear
  • Great for Casual, Everyday Wear and Formal Occasions

Dress Size
Standard Up to Womens Size 12


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