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The Lined Aviator Cap evokes the classical image of the biplanes of old or the Steampunk airships of fantasy. This costume hat is just the cap that any pilot would want to wear when piloting an aircraft with an open cockpit. The original use of an aviator hat was, predictably, to keep the head warm. Open cockpit planes exposed pilots to a lot of cold wind and rushing air, and the hat came about to keep the head and ears warm. This aviator cap follows the same basic time-tested design. It is primarily a faux suede cap with long leather earflaps, a chin strap, and a short brim that has been turned up to show the faux sheepskin lining. This Lined Aviator Cap will, indeed, keep your head and ears warm, whether you are wearing it as a Neo-Victorian pilot or whether you are just wearing it during the winter months. And if you are using it as a Steampunk accessory, it goes great when paired with a classic set of goggles.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by early 20th century bomber hats
  • Lined with faux shearling fabric
  • Fitted with an adjustable chin strap
  • Great accessory for an aviator or arctic explorer


  • Made with 100 percent polyester


  • One Size Fits Most


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