Line of Fire Dragon Metal Sign

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The road to the Dragon Queens castle is long, and it makes large armies easy to spot as they approach. In instances such as this, the dragon queen will send her pet to destroy the enemy, like in the Line of Fire Dragon Metal Sign. Taken from the portfolio of Tom Wood, this incredible dragon wall sign depicts a horned blue dragon as it burns a path down a road. A row of large spines runs down the back and tail of the dragon, while two fin-like crests protrude from its neck and jawline. Beneath the wing of the dragon, a line of watch towers can be seen, while in the distance sits the skyline of a large castle or city. A large gout of flame erupts from its mouth, burning part of the road that can be seen winding in the distance. The corners of this highly detailed fantasy art sign have been fixed with holes for quick and easy hanging. Made from a heavy, 21 gauge, rust-proof steel, this epic piece of wall decor has been powder coated and printed with incredibly vivid colors and is intended for indoor decoration, as prolonged exposure to the elements may fade the image. Add it to your dragon themed home decor or collection for a fiery flair!

Key Features:

  • Depicts the artwork of Tom Wood
  • Features holes for easy hanging
  • Sign has been rust-proofed
  • Printed with vivid colors
  • Perfect for home decor and collections


  • Made from a heavy 21 gauge steel


  • Width: 18 Inches
  • Height: 12 Inches


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