Limited Edition Miniature Bronze Pirate Sabre by Marto


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The Miniature Bronze Pirate Sabre by Marto, of Toledo, Spain, is a replica of boarding sabers that were first used by the French and English Royal Navies during the 1700s and later adapted and used by pirates and sailors the world over. Featuring a simple grip that lacks any sort of a pommel, this miniature replica mimics the lightness and size of the naval sabre perfectly. The blade is thin and narrow, functioning as a rapier would have in that age. This miniature sword is a wonderful tribute to both the sailors and pirates of the high seas.

Key Features:

  • Bronze Finished Hilt
  • Possesses a 1:5 Scale


  • Blade Length: 5.75Inches
  • Overall Length: 7.25 Inches


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