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Why not turn into a magical nature fairy and help the world transform into autumn by wearing the lovely Light-Up Kids Fall Fairy Costume? Made from polyester, this girls costume comes in three sizes. It includes a dress and a pair of wings. The dress has an orange and brown top. The top features four panels in front. Gold trim separates each panel. The center two panels are brown, while the other two are a red-orange color. The rest of the top is green. Also, the top has golden cap sleeves. The sleeves have filigree patterns. In addition, the sleeves light up. Along the front curved neckline are orange fabric flowers and leaves.

Meanwhile, the full-length skirt of the dress has three layers. The innermost layer is short and orange in color. The middle layer is sheer orange tulle. Over the top of the orange layer is a layer of sparkly green tulle. Orange and red leaves adorn the skirt. Finally, the wings have a butterfly shape and dark red trim. They attach at the back of the wearer. This costume is a great option for Halloween, costume parties, and any dress-up occasion.

Please note that the shoes shown above do not come with the dress.

Key Features:

  • Comes in three sizes
  • Includes an autumn-colored dress and wings
  • Sleeves light up
  • Great for kids
  • Wonderful for Halloween and costume parties


  • Made from polyester

Chest Circumference Waist Circumference Hips Circumference Height
X-Small 22-24 inches 35-39 inches
Small 27-28 inches 25-26 inches 27-28 inches 44-48 inches
Medium 29-32 inches 27-30 inches 29-32 inches 50-54 inches


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