Life or Death Flipping Coin


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If you find yourself making life or death decisions often, perhaps it is time to let chance help you decide. The Life or Death Flipping Coin is a great tool to help you decide whether to kill that pesky bug or to let it outside. This pure copper penny is struck by hand, making for a one of a kind piece every time. The front of the coin depicts a woman dressed in Renaissance fashion and the word Life. On the reverse, the same woman is shown only with the face of a skeleton and the word Death is inscribed. While this Life or Death Flipping Coin is not intended to decide the fate of any human, it can be a fun little tool to use among friends to help you decide who gets the short or the long end of the stick.

Please note that because the coins are struck, they may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

    • Crafted from pure copper
    • Uses antique equipment and traditional methods
    • Front depicts a Renaissance era woman and the word Life
    • Back depicts a skeleton and the word Death
    • Each coin is crafted by hand
    • Makes a fun gift or collectible


      • Diameter: 1.375 Inches
      • Weight: 13 Grams


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