Life Blood by Anne Stokes


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Rather than a skeletal figure in ebony robes, this Reaper takes a lovely feminine form dressed in white. This angel of death is surrounded by a mist of skeletons and red roses. Life Blood by Anne Stokes is a feast for the eyes. Crafted from polystone, this gothic statue is hand painted to bring out every detail. The reaper holds a large scythe in her right hand. Its curved blade looms over her head, marked with the blood of past victims. She regards the rose blossoms cradled in her left hand, the same shade of crimson as the lining of her hooded cloak. Her white dress fits close to her body, with a thigh slit that allows freedom of movement. Life Blood by Anne Stokes makes a haunting addition to any gothic collection.

Key Features:

  • Depicts a feminine Grim Reaper
  • Based on painting of the same name by Anne Stokes
  • Exhibits intricate detailing
  • Hand painted in lifelike colors
  • Fantastic gift or home decor piece


  • Crafted from polystone


  • Height: 11 Inches


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