Leif Ericsson Silver Penny


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In 1000 AD, Leif Ericsson sets out to form a colony called Vinland in what is thought to be modern-day Newfoundland or New Brunswick. This Leif Ericsson Silver Penny is a fantasy coin inspired by the man and his daring endeavor in a new world. Ultimately, the colony failed, but if it had succeeded, then it is not hard to imagine coins like this circulating throughout the village! The coin is struck from .900 coin silver and adorned in striking detail. The obverse features a Viking holding a scepter, wrapped with the name LEIF EIRICSSON, while the reverse has a central cross (a guide for quartering the coin) and the word VINLANDMONETA, punctuated by a Mjolnir symbol. Distinctively Viking, this Leif Ericsson Silver Penny is a great consideration of what-if, and a great collectible to add to your collection too.

Please note that because the coins are struck, they may vary, slightly, from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Authentically struck, like the coins of old
  • Made using fine .900 coin silver
  • Medallic – coin features two distinctive sides
  • Front features the helmed profile of Leif Ericsson and his name
  • Back features a cutting guide, Thors Hammer, and the word VINLANDMONETA
  • A fantasy coin based on historic Viking design


  • Diameter: 19mm
  • Weight: about 2.5 grams


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