Left Side Leather Holster

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A good soldier is never far from a weapon, and most keep their side-arm on them at all times. This Left Side Leather Holster harkens back to the Civil War era, where many officers would have used it to keep their pistol safely at their side. Crafted entirely in fine black leather, this holster echoes the look and feel of a historical artifact. The holster is designed to go on the left hip for a vertical, left handed draw. It features a flap cover for the top secured by a strap and a small brass knob. The back of the holster features belt straps. Paired with a Civil War era pistol (or replica pistol), this Left Side Leather Holster makes for a fine addition to any soldier or officer costume, as well as a great touch to more eccentric costumes like those from a Steampunk setting.

Key Features:

  • A Civil War style belt holster
  • Designed for Civil War era pistols and revolvers
  • Worn on the left hip for a left handed draw
  • Crafted from fine black leather
  • Features a covering flap with secured closure
  • A fantastic addition to Civil War era costumes
  • Belt strap fits a belt width of 3.25 Inches


  • Width: 7 Inches
  • Length: 17.5 Inches


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