Leather Belt with U.S. Buckle

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A good belt is a must-have for a wide variety of costumes and looks, and this Leather Belt with U.S. Buckle brings a touch of Civil War style to your ensemble, while also adorning you with a symbol of your alliance in the war that divided a nation. This belt is fashioned in a quasi-buckled style, featuring an overlapping strap that wraps under and is secured in place with a brass pin, making it every bit as adjustable as a traditional buckle belt, while also altering its design just slightly towards the unique and the distinctive. One edge of the belt is attached to a gold US embossed belt buckle (symbolic of the Union States), while the other end of the buckle is open and designed to accommodate the belt-strap, so that it can loop under for adjustment. The belt is approximately 2 inches wide, which allows it to fit most holsters, belt pouches, and more with ease. If you are looking to show off some patriotism, this Leather Belt with U.S. Belt Buckle is a great way to do just that, plus it pairs perfectly with historic costumes to make you look like a soldier from the Civil War era.

Key Features:

  • A Civil War Era Style Belt
  • Decorated with a Golden US Belt Buckle
  • Crafted from Fine Black Leather
  • Belt Loops Under on One Side For Easy Adjustments
  • A Fantastic Addition to Civil War Era Costumes


  • Belt Width: 2 Inches
  • Overall Length: 48 Inches


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