Leaf and Stone Mixed Metal Cuff Bracelet

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Unique in its overall look, this Leaf and Stone Mixed Metal Cuff Bracelet is an accessory to marvel at. Possessed of stunning beauty, this wrist cuff combines rich materials with a distinctive style to create something that is truly one of a kind. This artisanal bracelet is crafted entirely by hand, using fine metals and materials to ensure the utmost quality and appearance. The bracelet band is polished stainless steel, which provides a silver-metal gleam to the accessory. Set over this polished surface are brass line accents and copper leaf designs, as well as a central Victorian inspired frame of copper that contains a milky, pale blue stone. The bracelet is done in a cuff or bangle style, and it is offered in one size. The bracelet is adjustable, too, as it can be gently bent inward or outward to improve its fit, either way. Rich metal luster makes this a bracelet that will gleam in the light and catch the attention of all around it, but it is the small details and the overall design of this Leaf and Stone Mixed Metal Cuff Bracelet that makes it a truly appealing little accent to own.

Please note that the stone colors can vary from what is shown and described above. Please call to determine what is available.

Key Features:

  • Hand Crafted from Quality Metals and Materials
  • Polished Stainless Steel Base Offers an Attractive Gleam
  • Decorated with Central Stone Accent and Copper Leaves with Brass Line Patterns
  • An Adjustable Cuff Style Bracelet
  • A Stunning Little Personal Accent or a Great Gift Idea


  • Can be gently bent, allowing the bracelet to be adjusted to fit many different sizes.


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