Large Gear & Propeller Steampunk Necklace

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The Large Gear & Propeller Steampunk Necklace is one of the more visually complex pieces of Steampunk jewelry available. At first glance, you may not think so, but after a second, closer look, you can begin to notice the intricately layered details. The pendant is, as its name states, quite large, although its size really acts as a medium to allow the placement of even more details. The pendant looks like a single large gear that has been filled with clockwork mechanisms. The interior of the pendant is series of overlapping layers so intricately detailed that it seems for the entire world a real clockwork machine. A single propeller, atop two more stacked gears, rests on the corner of the pendant. It produces a curious and interesting 3-D effect that makes the propellers appear as though they are ready to start spinning. The Large Gear & Propeller Pendant certainly lives up to its name, as it is large, it is a pendant, and it is a marvelous piece that will accent almost any Steampunk look.

Key Features:

  • Ornate medallion with scrollwork, gears, and cogs
  • Includes a curb chain with toggle clasp
  • Stylish accessory for a fashion-savvy Neo-Victorian


  • Crafted from zinc alloy


  • Pendant Diameter: Approximately 3.5 Inches
  • Chain Length: Approximately 20 Inches


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