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This Large Case is designed for the martial artist who carries katana or bokken to and from the dojo. It also equally works at home with any sheathed swords less than 50 inches long. Made from heavy-duty fabric, this sword case fits three 3 swords. It has two interior compartments for swords. Also, there is an outer compartment for maintenance supplies. Neither swords nor maintenance supplies come included. A shoulder strap and carrying handle provide traveling convenience. This case is perfect for those who travel frequently with their swords across country or across town.

Key Features:

  • Heavy fabric
  • Maintenance pocket
  • Shoulder strap


  • Overall Length: 52.25 Inches
  • Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

1 review for Large Case

  1. Frederick (verified owner)

    The bag itself is pretty roomy and will accommodate a pretty large number of weapons in it. East Asian swords like katanas, jians, daos, etc. will easily fit in the bag as well as European-style sabers and scimitars. For European longswords, as long as its overall length is shorter than the total length of the bag (i.e. about 52 inches), the crossguard length is shorter than the total width of the bag (i.e. about 10 inches), and it doesn’t have any elaborate hilt features like side rings, it will probably fit. Unfortunately, this bag cannot hold certain types of rapiers, e.g. cup-hilt varieties, since the combination of crossguard and bowl guard stretches the bag too much. Just to clarify a bit and give some personal examples of what I could and couldn’t fit in this bag, I was able to fit a Windlass Sword of Roven longsword in one of the inner compartments of the bag along with a Windlass shamshir and also had room for a jian and a pair of dao in the other compartment. Another time, I was able to fit Windlass’s Patton Sword in the bag along with a pair of tonfa, a three-section-staff, a pair of nunchaku, a kusarigama, and a wakizashi in it all at once. However, I could never fit the Patton Sword and the Sword of Roven in the bag at the same time and my Hanwei Practical Cup Hilt Rapier never fits the bag compartments ever. To put it simply; the flatter or more tube-like the overall shape of the sword is, the more likely it will fit in the bag and avoid overloading it with large swords.
    CAS/Hanwei has always had a bit of a spotty reputation in regards to quality control with its products and this sword bag was the first time I was bit by it. The bag that was sent to me initially had a bad inner zipper that came apart almost immediately upon using it and looking at other reviews of this bag on other websites like Amazon, it seems to be a recurring issue. Despite this, after getting in touch with Dark Knight Armoury customer service, they very quickly sent a replacement with a good inner zipper.
    The short of it: Dark Knight Armoury’s service was great, it’s just CAS/Hanwei’s product and quality control could be improved.

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