Ladies Hooded Nobility Gown

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A great deal of detail goes into the Ladies Hooded Nobility Gown, so much so that it would serve any noble lady well, whether she was wearing it as a disguise or as a casual garment when royal opulence is not necessary. Fascinating in its form, this lovely dress merges a variety of old-world elements into one fine showing of true medieval style. The dress is made entirely from jacquard viscose, which merges subtle yet impressively detailed embroidery and built-in design with a softness and lightness that makes this dress an absolute pleasure to wear. The bodice is accented by a square neckline and colored trim, as well as a laced-up closure around the front, which can draw the waist in and accent the dresses look. The full-length sleeves have matching trim and are dual-sleeved from the elbow down, possessing a bell-shaped cuff that can be loosened or tightened via the side-arm lacing, as well as a fitted sleeve on the actual arm. Attached at the collar and the neck is a full hood, and wrapped about the waist is a draped belt accent. On the back of the bodice is a matching laced-closure. The full length skirt is accented by strips if color. Please note that the skirts length can vary slightly based on wearer height, leg length, and overall measurements. The dress is offered in three different color combinations, as well as in two different sizes. The Ladies Hooded Nobility Gown is, all in all, a very pretty dress, one that will serve well the woman who wears it, by giving her a medieval look and the chance to adopt a medieval persona to match it!

Key Features:

  • A Dress Made from Jacquard Viscose Fabric
  • Richly Detailed with Fine, Faint Embroidery
  • Features a Double Sleeve Design, Full Length Skirt, and Full Hood
  • Extremely Comfortable to Wear
  • Great for Renaissance Fairs, Medieval Events, and Costumes of Various Sorts


  • Small/Medium: Fits a Womens Dress Size 8-10
  • Large/X-Large: Fits a Womens Dress Size 12-14


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