La Fee Verte Tumbler

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The La Fee Verte Tumbler is a classic, traditional, tall absinthe tumbler, crafted in pewter and forest green glass. It is perfect for taking Absinthe, and can also be used to enjoy any number of spirits or beverages as well. This glass has a bold green color that is sure to remind onlookers of Absinthe. After all, the phrase la fee verte means the green fairy, which sometimes refers to that same spirit! The base of the glass has pewter legs and also displays the titular fairy. The unique design of this glass makes it a startling piece that others are sure to admire when you drink from it.

Key Features:

  • A functional ale or drinking glass
  • Crafted with pewter and forest green glass
  • Inspired by the Green Fairy, or Absinthe
  • Depicts a trio of fairies along the base
  • Great for enjoying a beverage at home, at the pub, or at a fair


  • Height: 7 Inches


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