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Born of the 12th century, this Knights Red Cross Surcoat is based on the attire of a crusading knight. It has a long, flowing length and a classic design, combined with a vivid and bright red cross, emblazoned right on the left side of the chest. This surcoat is designed with comfort and casual wear in mind, and thus, it is made from heavy cotton fabric. The round neckline and sleeveless design makes it easy to move about it, while the long length reflects the style of garment that was favored by knights of the Crusades era. It covers the chest and legs, and falls to about upper calf length on most wearers (length can vary based on height, though). Please note that only the white surcoat, pictured above, is included. Whoever wears this Knights Red Cross Surcoat is sure to create a very distinctive and iconic look, and that makes this garment a perfect, must-have choice for any reenactor or historian who wants to recreate the look if the iconic crusader knight.

Historical Info:

First adopted in the 12th century, the surcoat remained a battlefield standard, in one form or another, until the 15th century, when the commonality of plate armor phased the surcoat out of circulation. Of particular note on this surcoat is the position of the cross, as well as the overall coloration. The red cross is off-center, to the left, so that it sat over where many believed the human heart rested. The color – white – is thought to have been a defense against the hot sun, serving to protect crusaders from overheating in their mail armor.

Key Features:

  • Made From Fine, Quality Cotton Fabric
  • A Full Length, Upper Calf Length Surcoat
  • Emblazoned with a Red Cross On the Left Side
  • Features Open Arm Holes and a Long Front with Slit
  • Has a Very Iconic and Classic Look and Style
  • Looks Great with Medieval Ensembles, Knightly Looks, Crusade Era Costumes, and More
  • Perfect for Festivals, Fairs, LARPs, Events, and More

Chest Waist Overall Length
One Size Up to 52 inches Up to 56 inches 51 inches


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