Knight with Lion Shield Statue


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The Knight with Lion Shield Statue stands proudly before your Majesty, ever willing to sacrifice all for the kingdom. In full array for battle, this soldier of the Middle Ages is a noble accent for the grand halls of your castle. Decorative gold edging accents the suit of armour that defends this knight on the battlefield. From the sword breakers on the pauldrons to the chainmail fingers of his grip, this knight crusader figurine features exquisite details. Beautiful medieval patterns line the cross-guard of the double-edge sword in the knights right hand. Crosses and lions decorate the shield in his left. Keep this devoted knight on proud display on a shelf or amidst a grand army of collectible knights.

Key Features:

  • Hand painted with incredible detail
  • Depicts a medieval knight in full armour
  • Comes with matching crusader sword and shield
  • A suitable gift for knights of the modern era


  • Crafted from cold cast resin


  • Width: 10.625 Inches
  • Depth: 6.875 Inches
  • Height: 21.25 Inches


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