Kings Steel Greaves

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Nothing knocks you off your feet like a swift kick to the shins. Make it harder for your opponent to do so with the Kings Steel Greaves. Handmade and welded for increased strength and durability, this set is perfect for LARP combat. Crafted from 18-gauge mild steel, each greave features a raised, polished cross at the center. Its bright gleam contrasts with the matte finish of the armour. Rolled edges and rivets increase the bracers deflection capability. Buckle straps adjust the fit below the knee and above the ankle. Enhance your defense even further by pairing the Kings Steel Greaves with the Kings Steel Bracers.

Please be aware that these items are handmade. Slight deviations in pattern, color, and shape may occur. Please note that the leather straps may come in black or brown depending on what we have in stock.

To properly maintain your steel armour, always keep the metal pieces away from water and lightly oiled to prevent rusting. Occasionally clean the armour with metal polish and re-oil them. Leather care products must be used to maintain the leather fittings as well.

Key Features:

  • Features a pair of greaves
  • Possesses an acid grey finish
  • Designed with rolled edges for improved safety
  • Customize fit with adjustable buckle straps
  • Offers protection for the lower leg


  • Made from 18 gauge mild steel
  • Fittings made from top-grain leather

Care Instructions:

  • Keep away from water. Clean with a metal polish and re-oil occasionally to properly maintain the armour. Use Leather care products for the fittings.


  • Small: Ankle – 6 Inches, Calf – 6.5 Inches, Overall Length – 9.5 Inches
  • Medium: Ankle – 7 Inches, Calf – 8.5 Inches, Overall Length – 12 Inches
  • Large: Ankle – 7.5 Inches, Calf – 9.5 Inches, Overall Length – 14 Inches

These are measurements of the armour only. These measurements do not include the straps or buckles. This will show you how much of your shin the greave will cover.


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