King Arthur Tunic by Marto


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Designed in colors reminiscent of kingly grace and strength, the King Arthur Tunic by Marto is designed with the legendary king of Camelot himself in mind, replicating kingly colors and the kings own coat-of-arms. Made entirely of comfortable cotton, this tunic is colored in yellow-gold and black, in an alternating fashion that is divided down the center of the tunic. Over the torso, the left sleeve is yellow-gold while the right sleeve is black. Inversely, the left side is black while the right side is yellow-gold and bares the kings coat-of-arms, a trio of crowns. Covering the legs, the pattern repeats: the left side, now, is yellow-gold and decorated with King Arthurs coat-of-arms, while the right side is black. The King Arthur Tunic by Marto is the perfect start to looking like the fabled king of Camelot – all that is missing is the armor and the right sword.

Key Features:

  • Made of Cotton
  • Does NOT Include Belt, Chainmail, or Hood


  • One Size


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