Kids Legolas Accessory Kit


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Legolas the elf travels from Mirkwood to join the Fellowship quest to destroy the One Ring. During the quest, Legolas befriends with the dwarf Gimli. This Kids Legolas Accessory Kit is perfect for Halloween or any costumed event. Legolas wears woodland shades of green and brown. This licensed set includes a hooded cloak, gauntlets, quiver, bow, and arrows. The long hooded cloak features a tie closure. The green gauntlets are embellished with gold elven scrollwork. The brown quiver features elven decorations. The green bow requires assembly before use. The arrows have foam tips for safety. Be sure to check out all of our Hobbit and Lord of the Rings costume items to outfit your entire Fellowship!

This bow and arrow set is intended only as a costume accessory. It is not designed to be used as a toy or as a functional bow and arrow.

Key Features:

  • An officially licensed Lord of the Rings product
  • Includes a hooded cloak, gauntlets, quiver, bow, and arrows
  • Great for Legolas the elf costumes
  • A quality costume accessory set for Halloween, role-playing, or parties
  • Prop bow is not intended as a toy or a functional bow and arrow


  • Made from polyester
  • Bow and arrows made from plastic


  • One size fits most children


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