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Does your child wish to dress up as a mighty knight or Crusader? The Kids Crusader King Costume makes it easy for them to become one. Made from polyester, this medieval kids costume comes in three sizes. It includes a hood with an attached crown, a tunic, a pair of pants, and a pair of shoe toppers. The hood has a black base with a silver-colored mesh to mimic the look of chainmail. The hood covers the top of the shoulders and has a round opening. Attached to the hood is a gold-colored crown.

Next, the tunic has a red body with more of the silver-colored mesh forming the long sleeves and a wide hem. The red body features a golden crowned lion inside of a golden shield shape. The shield has a flat top with curved sides. The pants are black. Finally, the toppers have silver-colored mesh cuffs at the tops, while the rest of them is black faux leather. This childrens Crusader costume is great for any costumed event or Halloween party.

Please note that the sword and shoes shown above do not come included.

Key Features:

  • Comes in three sizes
  • Includes hood, tunic, pants, and shoe toppers
  • Features a lion design
  • Great for Halloween


  • Made from polyester

Height Weight
Small 39-45 inches 38-42 lbs
Medium 46-53 inches Up to 62 lbs
Large Up to 60 inches Up to 100 lbs


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