Kaeru Katana

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If you have ever believed that a sword cannot be a work of art, then perhaps a look at this Kaeru Katana will change your mind. This Japanese sword is absolutely stunning in its appearance, possessing rich detail that really sets this sword apart. To begin, even the swords blade is absolutely stunning, having been hand forged and folded from powder steel to feature a medium length kissaki (or tip) and a degree of realism that is hard to believe, if you do not see it first. The tsuba, or guard, is crafted in blackened iron and is further accented with in gold and silver, while also featuring a decorative scene that features a frog and a lily. In fact, it is from this ornate guard that the katana draws its name, as kaeru translates to frog. The swords tsuka, or handle, features a base wrap of high quality same, or ray skin, while also possessing a tsuka-ito, or overlay, that consists of premium dark blue Japanese cotton. The kashira and fuchi, which are the pommel and the sword setting under the guard, are colored black with attractive brass detailing, while the habaki, which adorns the base of the blade, is constructed from one piece of brass. The katana sheath, which is known as a saya, is deeply lacquered in black and features an beautiful sageo (the cloth wrap on the sheath) in shades of dark blue and moss green fabric, which meshes quite nicely with the swords beautiful frog theme. The saya also features various furnishings, including the kojiri (the sheath cap), the koiguchi (the sheath throat) and the kurikata (the extended mount on the side of the sheath), which are crafted from polished buffalo horn. The sword measures approximately 39 inches long. A katana is sometimes a part of the daisho (which means big little), which consists of both a katana and a wakizashi. Thus, this Kaeru Katana perfectly matches up to the smaller Kaeru Wakizashi (SH2468). The Kaeru Katana is an absolutely beautiful blade, one that stands above and beyond the typical sword, thanks to its absolutely breathing level of detail. On its own, it will assuredly awe all those who see it, and the effect is only multiplied when it is paired with a simple yet stunning stand.

Key Features:

  • Fully Functional
  • An Impressively Crafted Japanese Katana
  • Crafted from High Quality Materials
  • Features a Frog Themed Guard
  • Possesses Stunning and Rich Detailing
  • Includes a Black Lacquered Sheath
  • A Perfect Complement to the Kaeru Wakizashi (SH2468)
  • Also a Fantastic Gift Idea


  • Blade is hand forged and folded K120C high carbon powder steel
Overall LengthBlade LengthHandle LengthWeight
One Size39 inches26.75 inches11 inches2 pounds 6 ounces


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