James VI and I Replica Coin Pack

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Featuring a realistic and authentic look, this James VI and I Replica Coin Pack commemorates one king who ruled two nations. The coin comes attached at a card that features a picture of Edinburgh Castle on the front with historical info on the back. Born James Stuart, this boy ascended the throne as king of Scotland at an extremely young age, when the confederate lords of Scotland forced his mother to abdicate her throne. He was crowned James VI five days after his mother left her throne, and after his mother escaped to England, he never saw her again. Much of his early life was spent in Stirling Castle. He also became James I, King of England, when his cousin Elizabeth I died in 1603. This reproduction coin is made entirely from lead-free pewter and is cast directly from an original, which ensures the details on the coin. It is modeled after a Scottish twelve-shilling coin. This James VI and I Replica Coin Pack is a fantastic gift to give, as it includes both the amazing looking coin as well as a series of interesting facts about the king if celebrates, ensuring that the coins owner knows a bit more about the history of the monarch featured on the metal.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Lead-Free Pewter
  • Modeled After a Scottish Twelve-Shilling Coin
  • Features Incredible and Authentic Detailing
  • Includes Historical Information
  • Cast Directly from an Original Coin
  • A Phenomenal Collectors Piece or Gift Idea


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