Ivy League Earrings


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Usually when something is referred to as Ivy League, it is something elite, reserved for only the very best. If that is the case, these Ivy League Earrings qualify, as they are among the best of the best, as far as gothic style goes. These beautiful hoop style earrings are a more literal interpretation of the term ivy league, featuring touches of natural detail that infuses the fine English pewter craftsmanship of the jewelry. A trio of skulls sits sagely at the bottom of each ear hoop, accompanied by black enameled ivy leaves that are engraved into the polished pewter. A bundle of burnished leaves completes the earring near the top, where the hook attaches. Each earring features a surgical steel wire hook with closure, which makes them easy to put on and wear (please note that these earrings do require pierced ears to wear). The best part about these Ivy League Earrings is that in spite of their gothic roots, they are surprisingly easy to add to any attire, making them a great accent that any lady of note can wear whenever she wants, whether she’s dressed formally or informally.

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Key Features:

  • Crafted from fine English pewter
  • Decorated with a trio of skulls
  • Accented with black enameled leaf carvings
  • Worn via surgical steel wire hooks with built-in closures
  • Has great gothic style and charm
  • A perfect personal accent or gift idea


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